We believe in quality more than scaling revenue.

CPL, CPA, CPS & More...

I'm an affiliate/publisher

Get me better payouts, more offers, and weekly payments.


I'm an advertiser/network

Push my offer to hundreds of vetted and quality affiliates.




Dedicated Account Manager

We assign you an experienced dedicated account manager to address any questions you may have. Your manager will also pay close attention to your campaigns to ensure they are optimized fully. offers.

Compliant Methods

We know your product and brand is important to you. We make sure no malicious methods of traffic reaches you. 4 of 8

Fraud Prevention

We provide you with deterministic Anti-Fraud solutions that stack on top of each other to create a multi-layer defense for your marketing campaigns

Traffic Vetting

UnicornClicks’s vetting process of traffic partners is on par with the highest levels of corporate security clearances. So your offers will only be run by hand-selected traffic partners from an exclusive internet marketing community.


Multi-point proof of identity offers.

Extensive interview process

Cross-checking background information

Strong references for online marketing campaigns.

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